Anyone who becomes disabled faces many changes, including social ones. It is a hard one to navigate, not just for you but for those who know you and do not understand what to do to help. They may not have the time or desire to read books on MCS. After getting the basics from you or a brochure about how the only treatment is not being exposed to petrochemicals, end of story, they may feel frustrated and baffled and want you (and the world) to be how you were to the point of staying in denial about MCS.

Even if they read everything they can, they still do not understand what it is like to have your “Spidey Sense”* go off when exposed to petrochemicals and the fear this can cause as you try to find safety. Having a living “inconvenient truth” on one’s porch may be too much for many people to handle. It challenges too many of the comfortable lies in their paradigm, not to mention the entire foundation of industrial growth finances which run our world as it poisons us. Please see Resource page for links to brochures you can download and articles you can email to others.