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Free Online Learning and Documentaries compiled by Linda Sepp https://lindasepp.wordpress.com/free-online-learning-and-documentaries/ Some of these may help with homeschooling.

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Buy Packs from The Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN)  “Due to copyright and/or tax considerations, you must be a member of CIIN before ordering materials” http://ciin.org/library.html  Membership for fixed income is $15/yr

The Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) is building a library of legal documents and federal government recognition documents to aid chemically injured people with chemical sensitivities in their legal efforts for recognition, accommodation, and fair compensation. Some Packs include medical studies (see individual Pack descriptions). When medical studies are included, they are studies that have been published in well-established peer-reviewed medical journals. Unless otherwise noted, these information packs are set up so the documents do not overlap from one pack to the next. If the packs contain documents that are also listed in the Environmental Access Profiles: List of Back Issues, then those profile documents are noted in the description by their profile number abbreviated as “P.” (Full profile listings are in the Environmental Access Profiles).

“Legal Actions and Voluntary Accommodations of Chemical Sensitivity in Schools” is included in this pack. (The article is referenced with numerous medical studies and other pertinent documents which, if desired, can be ordered with the order form at the back of the newsletter.) Also included in this pack is the National PTA’s position statement against the use of pesticides in schools, a legal case won on behalf of a student chemically injured during a science lab, and the Halton Board of Education “Environmental Hypersensitivities Resource Document” and student accommodation plan, two other school accommodation plans, and accommodation and recognition policies for Evergreen State College, the U. of Minnesota Disability Services, and the New Mexico Dept. of Education..
Order No.: 0123-CIIN-xx-074 Cost: $19.50


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