By Armi Dee

Like the main character of Doris Lessings’s classic The Golden Notebook, I am having trouble putting all the aspects of life into nice neat categories. They overlap and intertwine, which is why some resources appear more than once. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming – which is a wonderful thing for us, but not so wonderful when trying to make the list easy to navigate. It’s been divided into more manageable chunks.

I sincerely hope you can find what you need or come into contact with who has the information you need via this page. My hope is to be well enough to check these links twice a year so you don’t get frustrated. If you would like to update this list, please contact webmaster.

My deep gratitude to EVERYONE who has worked so hard to research, experiment, explain and disseminate this information that I am merely sharing. All the past pioneers and current trailblazers, thank you for giving the generations after you (like me) a handhold in our climb for good health, safety, and recognition.

Resource Topics:

General MCS Information

Health Care Related Topics

Medical Research

Treatments Recommended by Canaries

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Ink Intolerance & Safe Art Supplies

Housing/Camping & Automotive

House Care & Furnishings

Clothing, Shoes, Masks & Fabric/Yarn


Food Related Topics

Emotional Coping & Sensory Defensiveness

Free Online Fun

Socializing with MCS, Romance & Sex

Healthy Communication & Community Building

Activism & Educating Others

Legal Issues, Disability Rights & Employment with MCS

Schools, Children & Parenting

MCS International and US Regional Community Networking

General Environmental/Poison Information