Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc. (Melbourne, Australia)

Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance

Poisoned Homestead

Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF-Related Health Problems and Illnesses  and

Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia

Environmental Health Association of Ontario (down)

Environmental Health Association of Quebec

Environmental Health Association of Alberta

Environmental Health Association of British Columbia

May12th International Awareness website


EBD, the Danish Association for the Electromagnetically Hypersensitive (down?)

European Union

Measures Taken by European Countries for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

EMF Groups

EHS & MCS Research and Treatment European Group (Most is in French.)

Europe ME Alliance (Based in Denmark, links to groups in Iceland, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, UK, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. One ME symptom is often MCS.)

(Elöverkänsliga i Finland rf)(Electrical Hypersensitives in Finland) Website link dead.

Chemical Sensitivity Network

Chemical Sensitivity Network in English

ARBEITSKREIS FÜR ELEKTROSENSIBLE e.V. (Action group for Electrically sensitive)

Japanese Ministry of Health (This is the ICD-10 code for MCS I think.)

AKUT a.s.b.l. (Aktionsgruppe für Umwelttoxikologie)(Action Group for Environmental Toxicology)


FORENINGEN FOR EL-OVERFØLSOMME (The Association for the Electrically Oversensitive)

Spain Ligasfa

United States
HEAL of Southern Arizona

Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured

Ability Maine

Environmental Health Network of California

Environmental Illness Network Minnesota

Washington State MCS Network

Chicago CFCCC

ECHO Connecticut

Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association

Massachusetts Association of the Chemically Injured

Boston Self Help Center MCS

Texans for Environmental Health

Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association MCS support group Maryland, Wash. D.C., and northern Virginia.




Midwest Oasis MCS

Vermont MCS

US Regional Groups of Interest to Persons with MCS
Washington State Toxic Free Legacy Collation

Toxic Free North Carolina

Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals  :

Connecticut Energy Alternatives

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides

Pesticide Action Network (North America)

Californians for Pesticide Reform

Online MCS Community (I have found online community to be less than helpful.)
Green Canary

Toxic Injuries

MCS International forum board

Chemical Sensitivities Support Form

Spark Team MCS

Canary Singles

 Helpful Blogs by Canaries

Linda Sepp Life with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: The importance of safe housing Probably the most helpful MCS blog.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Blog of the editor of the magazine Sensitivity Matters, published by the Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc. in Australia