I am not going to touch diet with a ten foot pole. Every Canary is very different. There is no “Canary Diet” aside from scams. However, I can share advice on getting whole, organic food less expensively. Garden.

There are lots of great books on container gardens, permaculture, and organic gardening. Befriend those who garden. They tend to have more tomatoes than they know what to do with. Join a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is where people in the community (you) pay in advance for your share of a local farm’s harvest. Then usually each week the farm delivers or you pick up your share of what is in season, sometimes with recipes. (Check. Not all are organic.) A share can be a costly onetime payment but you don’t pay anything after that. Single people or couples may find it is too much food, so going in on a share with roommates or friends is a good solution.

Buy from the store’s bulk section, using your own organic cotton produce bags. Grains, nuts, beans, seeds, herbs, spices, pasta, coffee and more are available. Ask to join a co-op with a decent working member discount, explaining you have MCS and thus cannot work in the actual co-op building. (Some co-ops you may be able to tolerate.) Help them figure out how to be community inclusive and make them aware of their toxic products that keep you from being able to work there. They may find work you can do from your nest.

Learn to cook. And bake. Food banks are best if you get there first so you have a crack at what might work for you. The staff is often elders who understand illness and will try to give you extras of what you need. Forage. Safely.

For some reason books on shiny paper with photos seem to bother me less than other ink, or maybe it’s just because they only are opened for a moment as a reference tool. So I kept my Peterson Guides and food foraging guides. A lot of the same information is online; however I am not a big fan of the web for accurate information. Most American weeds are plants brought to the US from Europe to be food plants. Now people kill them with the evil Round Up and buy GMO Monsanto plants instead.

Some of the Lenape Lenni people who were able to stay in their New Jersey area lands by stating they were “colored” not “Indian” stayed well during the Depression because they still remembered what plants to eat that their neighbors considered weeds. For 99.977% of our species’ time here, we’ve been gatherer-gardener-hunters. If you are going to eat animals, please note that persons with seafood allergies usually have a problem with insects. (Insects are a staple in most cultures and are almost all protein.)

Online shop for bulk food. Go in on it with others. Much cheaper. See Resources for more. Do not let receipts go in your shopping bags if you are made ill by ink – It is freshly printed.