Mail Order Food

Boxed Greens (mail order US)

Door to Door Organics (mail order East Coast US)

Organic Direct (mail order NY and NJ)

Urban Organic (mail order NY and NJ)

Rawvolution (mail order raw food meals)

Pure Raw Café (mail order raw food)

US Wellness Meats (mail order meats)

Vital Choice Wild Seafood (mail order seafood US)

Orgran (US gluten free US)

Native Harvest Online Catalogue   (Ojibwe Nation wild rice)

Maine Seaweed (Mail order hand harvested seaweed US)

Local Harvest Online Farmers’ Market

Vitacost Grocery (Mail order, various foods US)

Amazon Organic Food Shop (Mail order organic food US)

Find Local Food

US Community Supported Agriculture

Food Co-ops, Health Food stores, Natural Food Stores

Food Co-ops

US Farmers’ Markets

Canada Farmers’ Markets

Australian Organic Food Directory


Local Harvest Garden Store (Network of seed growers and farmers who offer nursery stock a wide selection of seeds, bulbs and tubers, and live plants)

Permaculture Activist Net (“Our purpose is to supply information that enables people everywhere to provide for their own & their communities’ needs for food, energy, shelter, & a decent life without exploitation or pollution & from the smallest practical area of land.”)

Food Not Lawns

LOFC Network Cultivating Farm Co-ops

Heirloom seeds   (I found it I found it! If this isn’t what you’re looking for Madam H, feel free to scuttle it.)


Indoor Salad Gardening by Andrew Perkins

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery

Food Storage

Lunchbot (Get all stainless steel)

Simple Ecology Shopping Bags & Food Storage Bags

Eco Bags

Food Storage Containers