Always read description carefully, not all clothes are Canary safe. Look for the GOTS label!

Read: How to get rid of chemicals in fabrics. (Hint: trick question.)

Fairies Dance (Genuinely caring owner, has good selection of bras and although the plus size clothing company is gone, she’s seeking another.)

Rawganique (Includes plus sizes for men and a new plus size line for women. If you react to hemp, you may have trouble with their clothing, even the organic cotton, as they are stored together. I have had luck with just washing normally to remove the hemp odor, but remember if you wash it you cannot return it.)

Dharma Trading Company Organic Cotton


Maggie’s Organics (especially for 99% organic cotton socks and the clothing is reasonably priced, but usually has spandex)

Kasper Organics

Blue Canoe


Duluth Trading Post (for the free range underwear)

The Organic Pages

Fabric & Fibers

Read description carefully, not all are Canary safe. Look for GOTS label! (Read: How to get rid of chemicals in fabrics. (Hint: trick question.)

Also buy Local! Then you can ask the “who what when where and hows” and support your own community.

Local Harvest Guide to Organic Wools and Fibers Farms

Rawganique EU Hemp, Linen and Cotton

Heart of Vermont Organic Cotton (They sell one of the only fabrics – the percale – that does not make me react. No greenwashing, they are the real deal! Great company! Futons, pillows etc are great.)

Ecobutterfly Organic Fabrics and Yarns

Peace Fleece

Philosopher’s Wool

Shoes (Sadly we haven’t found any comfortable shoes, especially for arch and back support. Others suggest these.)

Cloggie Shop

Multnomah Leather

Celtic and Co Loafer Moccasin

Rawganique (vegan hemp shoes)

Masks and Respirators

Please read Study Says Carbon Filters Ineffective for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Still, every Canary I know wears a carbon filter mask and finds they do help, while respirators are made from toxic materials. I love my mask. The article lists sites for respirators:

National Allergy

MSA North America

Western Safety Products

WS Safety Solutions

Activated Carbon Filter Masks

I CAN BREATHE honeycomb carbon  This is what most people I know use. Some buy the silk asthma mask and the activated carbon filters.

Handmade, silk or organic cotton, children’s size available, 3 different types of activated carbon filters, ties or covered elastic by Sandra DenBraber, R. N. I use the silk tie masks. I’m too skin sensitive for the other brands. Cotton ones are pretty thick cotton, the silk is easier for being heard. As they are hot, I always have another to switch to if I’m sweating. Note: Her email address has changed! 817-469-9626, 114 Ray St., Arlington, TX 76010

Dixie’s Masks