The Only Accurate Lyme Test

The Western blot Lyme test that insurance covers is not very accurate. There is a movement to have the FDA ban the test due to the high rate of false negatives. Mine came back negative several times. The most accurate test for Lyme disease and its common, severe co-infections is by iGenex, which only takes Medicare. Last I heard it cost $800.

I didn’t want to “waste” more money, but I am so grateful I borrowed the money! Lyme is supposed to be mutating. iGenix knows about “bands” where Lyme often appears on the test that other tests ignore. (“Bands” will make sense if you had a Lyme test explained or look at one.) But even more important in my case, it discovered the parasite babesiosis which eats the red blood cells. The remains of the dead red blood cells are more toxic waste for my overworked body. Babesiosis is more severe than Lyme. There’s another common, very painful co-infection the test checks for that affects the nerves.