The Only Accurate Lyme Tests

Lyme Disease and MCS

It’s pretty well known that Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, and can trigger MCS. If you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and get Lyme disease, it’s considered “pouring gasoline on a fire” and you’ll experience more MCAS symptoms like gluten intolerance, migraines, allergies to medication fillers, RA, blood sugar issues, brain fog, etc. and your triggers will spread.

Until recently the only accurate Lyme test was by iGenex, which only Medicare covers. The test also finds the co-infections that are actually worse than Lyme. The wait for results is about 5-6 weeks. The kit is ordered by your doctor and a hospital or phlebotomy center that agrees to outside lab testing (have your doctor check) will follow the kit’s directions.

Mercy Diagnostics now provides the same tests as iGenex, but for much less, most insurance covers it and the turnaround time for your results is only a week or less!!! This is huge news! iGenex costs $800 while Mercy Labs may cost only $20.  It’s the break through we have needed because it is important to  understand that MCAS often feels like Lyme disease, especially after a round of heavy antibiotics. Unless we can afford to test for Lyme, we won’t know if it’s still Lyme disease or MCAS. To use Mercy Labs you need to have your blood drawn at a Mercy Labs drawing center – usually in Vermont at a Naturopathic Doctor Office office. Where you go in states that don’t allow NDs, I have no idea. This gives you more control over what is wiped on your arm before blood is drawn, a major concern for anyone with MCS or MCAS. The Mercy Diagnostics website should provide you with information about where your nearest drawing centers are.