Treatments Recommended by Canaries

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If you have the full 23andme genetic testing, the raw data may be interpreted by a trained professional. Naturopathic doctors are suggesting this for all patients with difficult to treat disorders , diseases and syndromes. When using 23andme, it’s suggested that you do not use your real name or birth date due eugenics concerns. This information could lead to profiling that may keep people from receiving health insurance or other forms of ableist discrimination. (Please read “No Pity” by Joe Shapiro the history book of the Disability Rights Movement to understand how eugenics harmed millions in the past. Also the disability community is the US’s largest minority and we need to know our history to make the future better.)

Finding someone well trained in interpreting 23andme is very difficult because it’s an immense amount of information. The best person I’ve found allows you to do your extensive intake with digital forms with a legal electronic signature or papers mailed to you. The appointment is with Skype. She emails you the 40 page document about different parts of the body like digestion, detoxification, etc, with the genes listed and showing if you have one or both alles in the gene not functioning properly. These don’t equal a disease or disorder! They show weak areas that, when strengthened with supplements, increase your body’s healthy functioning.  She also sends a list of the problematic issues with suggestions for supplements. The first appointment is $250 with $80 for the genetic report. Follow up appointments are $130 I think – I didn’t need one. Your DNA never changes but the science does improve so you may want to do it again in the future, but only if they make big advances in understanding the genes. She also has a report that looks at genetic issues that are common with chronic Lyme. These issues make it harder to recover. I don’t like doctors, no matter what their philosophy, most of the time. She was what I look for: a scientist, good communicator, considerate of my needs, down to earth and no sales pitch.

Dr. Karen Threkel, ND, 4801 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington DC 20016, 202-244-6661

Making Your Environment Safe, Chapter Four of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide 2nd Ed. by Pamela Reed Gibson PhD download (This is the main, most important treatment.)

Treatment of MCAS

Keep your blood sugar levels even. Have your doctor get you a test so you can check for reactive hypoglycemia or diabetes.

Get medications from a compounding pharmacy if you have food or medication filler intolerance or allergies.

B12: MethylMateB

B12: Hydroxy B12 Mega Drops

B12: PERQUE Activated B12 Guard

Treating MCS: What Really Works

“Perceived Treatment Efficacy for Conventional and Alternative Therapies Reported By Persons With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity”

Pure Encapsulations Liposomal Glutathione (oral, do not use too much lest you detox too fast; most people take 1 or 2 after breakfast)

Instead of Glutathione, you can try NAC, which makes glutathione.

Homeopathic detox (some people with MCS need to do this so homeopathy can work): UNDA 1, UNDA 20, UNDA 243. One drop of each on sole of foot each day. Caution: in an alcohol base. Only recommended you work with trained professional.

What to Do When You are Reacting to Chemicals

Recovery Basics from Planet Thrive


A Canary’s Eye View Supplements

Ecological Formulas Tri-Salts



Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Mary Ellen Copeland (WRAP was designed for person living with psychiatric disorders as a way to stay aware of how one is feeling and what needs to be done when certain symptoms arise. It adapts well for MCS and other illnesses.)

Hypnosis, Meditation and Relaxation for Pain Treatment

Chem Defense

Neti Pot (Get ceramic)

Also many antioxidants such as vit A, C, and E, zinc and perhaps a very, very low dose of selenium, often from food sources. Check ingredients for food allergens.

Clay mask on the liver for 15 minutes before shower.

Bath in Epson salts (they pull out toxins).

Castor oil on the liver for 15 minutes before shower. (Some people keep it on overnight.)

Milk thistle seed (silymarin) supplement for liver detoxification.

Dried burdock root (for kidneys) and dried dandelion root (for liver) infusions (a tea that seeps for 4 to 8 hours) or non-alcoholic tinctures of both herbs daily.

Dr. Martin Pall

Supplements & Herbs NEEDS

VitaCost online store for cleaning, supplements, body care, etc (not all MCS safe! but cheaper in bulk.)