By Armi Dee

Written by Heather:


Advice to MCS Newbies

Disaster Preparedness with MCS

MCS in Vermont

Guide for Friends/Family

Legal Support

Resources Table of Contents page. This is the section that will probably be used the most, so I suggest bookmarking the Resources Table of Contents page. From there you can access these pages of online information and shopping links:

  • General MCS Information
  • Health Care Related Topics
  • Medical Research
  • Treatments Recommended by Canaries
  • Electromagnetic Sensitivity
  • Ink Intolerance & Toxic Dangers of Art Supplies
  • Housing/Camping & Automotive
  • House Care & Furnishings
  • Cleaning, Food Related Topics
  • Clothing, Shoes, Masks & Fabric/Yarn
  • Emotional Coping, Free Online Fun & Sensory Defensiveness
  • Socializing with MCS
  • Romance & Sex
  • Healthy Communication & Community Building
  • Activism & Educating Others
  • Legal Issues & Disability Rights & Employment with MCS
  • Schools, Children & Parenting
  • MCS Community & Helpful Blogs by Canaries
  • General Environmental/Poison Information

Also written by Heather:

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