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Resources Table of Contents page. This is the section that will probably be used the most, so I suggest bookmarking this Resources Table of Contents page. April 2020: The links are checked annually. I regularly add exciting new research about MCS, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E., which all have given legitimacy to our suffering. From the table of contents, you can access these pages of online information and shopping links:

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  • Medical Research
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  • Electromagnetic Sensitivity
  • Ink Intolerance & Toxic Dangers of Art Supplies
  • Housing/Camping & Automotive
  • House Care & Furnishings
  • Cleaning, Food Related Topics
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MCS – WHO ICD-10, T78.4 The USA now uses the ICD -10, which is good news because MCS has an ICD-10 code from Germany.

What is MCS? From the amazing Chemical Injury Information Network, written by long-term activist Cynthia Wilson. I posted it here due to hackers destroying MCS websites and MCS organizations closing from physical and mental burn out.

The usual treatments for MCS (B-12 Methylcobalamin, glutathione or NAC, milk thistle seed, dandelion root, clay or castor oil packs on the liver, lots of water, DenBarber masks, air purification, water purification and avoidance of triggers) does greatly help me. I don’t leave my apartment aside for the doctor visits over 2 hours away and I have no visitors, basically living in solitary confinement, but that lead to a rewarding volunteer self-created position helping the 1% of Americans in prison!


Please note that MCS often is a symptom of Lyme disease and Chrome Fatigue Disorder/ME.

A very likely cause of MCS is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, a hyper-reactive immune system disorder that starts from extreme and/or long term trauma such as Lyme disease, a viral or bacterial infection, surgery, exposure to chemicals, emotional trauma, etc. It’s all the same to the body; trauma is trauma. The amazing new research from the UK and Boston about CFS/ME seem to show the same cause and result as is suspected with MCAS.

Mast cells are a semi-mysterious part of the immune system. They release “mediators” if there is a threat. The mediators cross the blood brain barrier, causing neurological issues. This has been the missing link in MCS: how are chemicals crossing the blood brain barrier? They are not; the mediators released when we have an exposure to chemicals are. The “brain fog”, limbic system “emotional” response, dizziness, fainting, vision issues, communication issues, pain, fatigue, etc come from the disruption to the nervous system.

Mast cells produce many “mediators” that tell the body how to respond. With MCAS, the mast cells become hyper-reactive to certain triggers. Mast cells especially line the skin, mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, anus, sinuses, lungs, and cross the brain-blood barrier. The mediators cause changes in the immune, neurological, digestive and endocrine systems. Reactions vary widely, but the most common (49%) is cognitive impairment. Fragrance is a well documented trigger and it is much easier to be taken seriously at the Emergency Department saying “mast cell activation syndrome” than “multiple chemical sensitivity” which should advance the quality of our lives.

The Mast Cell Disease Society


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We finally have someone famous stating that MCS is real! While Sanders is a news-worthy figure, we need to use his fame to reach others! Please! Share the Bernie meme! Spread awareness! Awareness of the problem is the first step to getting the legally covered disability justice accommodations we expend so much precious energy to try to receive.

Awareness means that people will treat us better. Awareness means that the 20% or so of the population with MCS will understand why they are so ill. Awareness means that fragrance-free products will be recognized as more lucrative for businesses. (Look at the huge increase of gluten free foods for an example!) Awareness means people will not use carpet or “air freshener” in their homes and rental properties, because they know it will affect resale value and rent prices. Awareness means that people will want proper medical care for their family and friends with MCS. Awareness means medical workers may look into the new MCAS research and stop treating us as mental health patients.

Awareness means that the government will want no-VOC paint, no carpet, well ventilated, fragrance-free work places so those with milder MCS can work and pay taxes. (That’s the reason for the Republican created Americans with Disabilities Act, even though both the Reagan and Bush administrations were not supportive of the needs for people with disabilities until Bush realized the financial gain for the U.S.) Awareness changes public opinion, especially when they realize how many people (perhaps including them) are excluded, suffering and treated like garbage because of an illness not fully understood.

Don’t let our big opportunity to easily spread awareness on social media be wasted!